Polluted Bathroom?

DLM Industries Ltd., an Ottawa company, has invented the VAON odourless toilet, a system (patent pending) that solves the toilet odour problem once and for all.
It makes no sense to pollute a complete room, then have a fan running for a long time to clear the air before the next person can enter. We install a vent pipe inside the wall from the toilet bowl to the bathroom fan so that the foul odours go directly from the toilet bowl to the exhaust fan. The room air never gets polluted, and the bathroom is ready for the next user immediately. The fan needs to run only as long as there is someone sitting on the toilet, and no deodorants are required to keep the air fresh.

“Distinctive Kitchens are featuring the VAON toilet in our showroom, and we are actively promoting it to our customers.“

Dominic Manzo, General Manager, Distinctive Bathrooms & Kitchens

“It is a significant advance in toilet technology which we are very proud to be the first to bring to our Canadian market. For many years we have seen customers spend large amounts on bathroom renovations which, when finished, appeared better but smelled the same as always. The VAON system is a real breakthrough. This will have as many commercial as residential applications. We hope this innovation will become a standard for bathroom ventilation. Its design is simple, elegant and to the point.“

  • Eliminates Odour
  • Fragrance Free
  • No Chemicals or Allergens
  • Reduces Electricity Consumption

How It Works



The VAON system is activated by your bathroom's light/fan switch or a VAON designated switch can be installed.

  • Easy To Use
  • Removes Odours


Your bathroom fan draws the contaminated air from the toilet bowl through a small vent, located at the back of the toilet bowl, depositing odour outside via your bathroom's exhaust vent.

  • Fragrance Free
  • No Chemicals or Allergens


Simply switch off your bathroom's light/fan or VAON designated switch when the toilet is not in use.

  • Efficient Energy Consumption
  • Fully Deodorized Room



Frequently Asked Questions

The fan draws air from inside the toilet bowl, removing all the noxious fumes before they can escape and pollute the room air. This process takes less than a minute.
Two things:
  1. Only a small amount of air needs to be removed – just what is in the bowl. No need to vent the rest of the room. The whole process takes 30-45 seconds.
  2. The presence of a human body. The buttocks cover most of the opening in the seat, leaving little room for air to escape. The fan draws air from around the toilet into the bowl through a space under the seat, and any open spaces around the buttocks. All air travels inward, so nothing can escape. The incoming air quickly dilutes the fumes so that after 30-45 seconds there are no vapours left.
In a new house build, it takes only a few hours and is done as the building progresses; it is finished well before the house is ready for occupancy. In an existing house or office the actual installation takes about four hours, and the toilet is fully functional right away. Repairing and repainting the wall and ceiling takes about two days, allowing for drying periods. Everything is professionally restored to its original appearance so that all anyone will notice is a new toilet.
One year unconditional on all materials and workmanship.
Yes, the VAON system ships with full installation instructions.
A Caroma Smart 1-piece easy height elongated, model 989900, which retails in Canada for $675.00. It is one of the finest toilets on the market. See photos.
The intake port is just above flood level, so overflow will not affect the system in any way. If cleaning is required, the seat and ventilator can be removed and then replaced without any tools or special equipment.
None, other than normal cleaning. This system has only one moving part, that being the fan which is located either in the ceiling or a utility room. There are no electronics or gadgets to confuse or complicate things.


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